Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Magnoflux is the Divine Fabric of Electromagnetic Dark Space which supports AC light-energy and time.

The dimensional volume constants are X,Y&Z with AC electric force dimensions for light-energy [photon]  flux in the X,Y amp area with a curling volt drive at right angles in the Z direction.
      The electromagnetic space constants are :-
€0 the permittivity of space 8.854 x 10^-12 defines the conductor charge separation area X,Y in fluxamp-sec or Farads/metre/cycle or Coulombs/square metre/cycle for each volt.
µo the permeability of space 4 pi x 10^-7 defines the inductive direction Z unit in volt-sec or Henry/metre/cycle-turn
Ho the Planckfluxity of space 6.62 x10^-34 defines the magnoflux energy volume in watt-sec [joules] or Resistivity/cubic-metre/cycle-turn. If the inductive/capacitance currents are unbalanced a Cos power reduction will result in real energy transfer
C is speed of light constant of space 2.99 x 10^8 which reciprocates to the time constant in seconds. The electro-magnetic force in space is called Dark Energy by physicists and is responsible for forcing the stars and universe apart.

NOTE1 Un-magnetized volumes of space cannot support matter or light, nor even exist as they have no time to exist in.
NOTE2 Almost all of the inner universe volume is magnetized; indicated by its Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation. which extends only to the edge of the universe with a gradually, but limited increase in red-shift.
NOTE3 All galaxies and star systems must be in electrical balance or a DC voltage will arise to stabilize their systems.
NOTE4  The magnoflux light + pulse helix forward clockwise but is magnetically balanced by a -pulse helixing forward but in an anticlockwise twist. Thus it takes two revolutions to complete a cycle and light appears not to be deflected by external electrostatic or magnetic fields

The matrix of distance and force dimensions are as follows:-        

Space to move in dimension Xmetres, Y(j)metres, Z(j^2)metres =Volume in Cubes/second
Reason to move force dimension Ix*jIy Flux-Amps/sq.metre* (j^2)Vz Volts/metre  =
= Magnoflux Power/cubic metre in Joules/second

If we then maintain a 3 dimensional force for a set period of time in seconds we have then created Energy in Joules per cubic metre, at a precise position X,Y,Z in space. The magnoflux electro-magnetic energy is normally stated in Joules per turn or cycle within the MKS system of constants. If the X and Y amp field is not perpendicular the energy is reduced by Sin of the angle between.

Faraday originally defined an electromagnetic force EMF as the rate of change of cutting flux but apart from corkscrew rule; did not curl the voltage V which encapsulated massless energy in a magnoflux tunnel.

The magnoflux fabric of space may contain a unit volume of Watt-less Inductive or Capacitive power as well as Resistivity AC pulsating energy [light] depending on the complex X andY amperage and Z voltage parameters which must be at right angles or a Sin thi [ Ø] reduction will apply to the unit of magnoflux energy [photon] moving in the Z direction.

See youtube presentation attached for a general view of magnoflux energy.