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The idea that all energy is comprised of fundamental particles is not experimentally proven as light and electromagnetic E/M energy has no mass but does occupy a set volume of space. The results of the WMAP investigation by NASA; now confirmed by CERN, have established there is less than about 4.5% of required matter in the universe to balance it gravitationally.
This means the standard CDM model based on gravity is insufficient to balance the universe because the model considers that the only force acting across space is gravitational which has led cosmologists into dreaming up dark matter,  blackholes and event horizons and fantasize about parallel universes to try and explain away the WMAPs observed results.  The observable evidence is that there is no dark matter which is just a hypothetical attempt to use gravity to hold the old model universe together. BUT what you see is what you’ve got [WYSIWYG] and that is all baryonic.

Calculation of electric deep space force constant
      Force = mass x acceleration;
 so to balance rather than increasing mass why not just increase the acceleration G?             In other words find the extra Planck G acceleration force that will balance the universe.
Old physics force using gravity only is                       F=Mass x Gm
 Updated to new physics with EMF universal force   F=Mass x [Gm+/-Ge]
Where acceleration due to all mass attraction only is    Gm=+1G
However, acceleration due to electric force is  Ge=+/-x.G   BUT only applies to deep space vacuums; meaning that it is extremely difficult to detect as there is no independent reference point to measure from.

Balancing galaxies
On a galactic scale to expand the universe correctly we need an extra negative dark energy force to push the universe apart which is 95.5% stronger than the standard gravity force which gives us only  4.5% of the required value.  
The new physics approach corrects the existing model by assuming that the inner universe is fully magnetised and further the star planet systems are attracted electrically together.  It is absolutely true that the only force of mass attraction in touching solids, liquids and gaseous clouds is 1G as the outer shells of the material electrons are all touching together which is shorting out the electrostatic field extra force effect.  However, in deep space where the photons, protons and particles are completely isolated from each other an EMF electromagnetic curling force that can either attract or repel completely dominates the vacuum and will have an acceleration of +/- 23.2G. based on the numeric reciprocal of 4.5%  as detailed below.

At creation; He needed to magnetize all the stars upwards which will mean that the universe has a top and bottom and will be flat disc shaped.  No more problems with a homogeneous spherical universe that will collapse into a big crunch.  If we introduce a repulsive magnetic dark energy force ratio-ed at 4.5%=1G therefore the 95.5%= 22.2G. To balance the new electric force will need to be -23.2G which at last will balance the universe and more importantly the cosmic bodies are induced to spin and can sense magnetically the other galactic bodies.

The above system however has the effect of making the stars know that there is another star nearby and repel it.  To create awareness the stars magnetic fields extend outwards and in the centre of the galaxy where a large super massive magnetic hub is induced around which all the stars orbit in spirals, bar-spiral and discs etc. Second, we need to polarize the universe electro-statically by assigning the inside of stars as positively charged energy emitters and all other matter outside a stars surface as negative enclosed normal matter.


To demonstrate this effect a simple NaCl salt cell can be constructed with a carbon anode on surface and a magnet as a cathode which shows the magnetic spin very clearly. See

Balancing the solar system
As the stars repel each other magnetically and electrostatically and by being positively charged means all their materials are absorbed in positron shells and not electron shells.  From the outside they have the same physical appearance but stars are made of anti-matter. The resulting electric force is then attractive between a star and its surrounding negative matter material objects like planets, moons and asteroids etc. but have the same electric deep space force [as dark energy] of 23.2G but is attractive instead of repulsive making it 24.2G overall having added on Gm gravity.  As a result of this amendment the sun will only weigh 4.12% or 8.26*10^28 kg

In fact even this is a little high because on re-calculating the Lagrange point between earth and the sun the following is deduce-able
SOHO is circulates near this point and is 1.5 million km from earth.  This can be confirmed as the time for a radio signal to go there and back is about 10 seconds.
Therefore as the sun is 150 million km from earth then the forces balance by inverse square law when:-
Msun/148.5 2 = Mearth/1.5 2 
Therefore Msun= Mearth 148.5 2 /1.5 2   = 9801 times the weight of the planet earth.
We know our planet weighs  6.0 x 10 24 
Therefore Msun = 5.8 x 10 28 

Looking at the solar system in terms of planck units this means that the force of attraction between the sun and planets is not just 1Gm but as the electro-force is attractive in this case the overall force of acceleration will be +23.2Ge+1Gm is 24.2G overall. The sun will attract all negatively charged orbitals with the same force as it does the planets thus orbital calculations will not be affected.

Thus to balance the solar system forces using the standard formula

F=GmM/r 2 =mv2/r   
Will mean the sun is only M/24.2 of its present assumed value.
Once this correction is made to the suns mass now only being 8.26 x 10 28  instead of 1.989x 10 30 kgs we can then obtain a nearly correct balance and no dark matter is necessary.

The part1 diagram figure 3 shows just 3 of our planets rotating our sun with the lines of electric/magnetic attraction  to the sun indicated in red. The dotted cut lines show the repulsion of planet from planet and our sun to other stars.  The red lines also show how the sunlight is attracted across to all planetary material including to the planets of other stars through magnoflux tunnels.

We accept that there is an EMF electromagnetic spin force constant Ge in deep space of +/- 23.2 times greater than mass attraction 1Gm; will mean that there is no longer any necessity for dark energy or dark matter as the new dark electric force will completely balance all the galactic systems