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The electromagnetic stuff that exists inside atoms of material is made up of magnoflux energy. There is nothing else inside a molecule but this electro-magnetic stuff. Further, the shape of the air gases molecular shells cannot be spherical as the molecules must fit together exactly without leaving any vacuum gaps [see part 2]. Not only is matter made up of this 3D energy stuff but also creational light. [ see 3D magnoflux holy grail youtube presentation]

A photon of light should be envisaged as a unit pyramid shaped volume of magnoflux [stuff] energy which pinches together with other photons and tumbles forward sinusoidally. Photons in space move in pairs, as although they both contain a unit of magnoflux energy; the far end always appears out of phase magnetically to the other half, as the field reverses inside out every other cycle. So it takes 4 pi [∏] to complete a cycle instead of 2 pi [∏] for a standard Sin wave. This agrees with the fifth Feydman diagram that shows a photon splitting into an electron and positron pair. The virtual positron once released immediately annihilates a magnetic electron releasing the energy as heat. A light ray cannot be deflected electrically because of the continual double helix reversing of the pairs [ forming a magnoflux micro tunnel], it just vibrates a little but continues in the same Z direction through the magnetized fabric of space.

Electrons are similar in shape to Photons but in photons the top tips of the pyramid pair together whereas in molecular electron enclosures the bases pair together. See above diagram. Photons remain in pairs in space and do not dilute in accordance with the inverse square law; but continue to move in their preset Z direction, maintaining their set volume of pyramid shaped magnoflux energy. Both free AC magnetic electrons and photons can move at the speed of light through a magnetised space but once a DC electron becomes attached to a negative neutron [matter stuff] to form part of its enclosure it is limited to the speed of that neutron or proton pair.

Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Electro-dynamics have for sometime been investigating the exchange of energy from magnetic electrons to photons and back to electrons and have detailed the experimental evidence in articles on electron-photon renormalization. These articles confirm that the light (or magnoflux) energy is able to pair in two different ways either tumbling forward or forming a spinning electron enclosure. In fact AC electricity is more akin to magnetic photons moving through the spare holes in the electron shell than DC electron particles moving.

The double slit experiment was originally performed on light by Young in 1805 but Hitachi engineers have repeated the experiment recently with both free electron pairs and a nuclei inside an electron enclosure and obtained the same interference fringes. This is yet another indicator that both light and electrons contain two halves of a pair, allowing half of the pair to go through the other slit thus confirming the similarities between the magnetic electron and photon pairs.

NOTE Half wavelength antenna with a quarter wave balun at right angles also tends to reinforce the idea that radio waves contain pyramid shaped volumes of magnoflux energy because of the knife-edge diffraction interference pattern. Further, microwave ovens contain rectangular waveguides to tune and confine the basic pyramid shaped microwave photon pairs.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Magnoflux is the Divine Fabric of Electromagnetic Dark Space which supports AC light-energy and time.

The dimensional volume constants are X,Y&Z with AC electric force dimensions for light-energy [photon]  flux in the X,Y amp area with a curling volt drive at right angles in the Z direction.
      The electromagnetic space constants are :-
€0 the permittivity of space 8.854 x 10^-12 defines the conductor charge separation area X,Y in fluxamp-sec or Farads/metre/cycle or Coulombs/square metre/cycle for each volt.
µo the permeability of space 4 pi x 10^-7 defines the inductive direction Z unit in volt-sec or Henry/metre/cycle-turn
Ho the Planckfluxity of space 6.62 x10^-34 defines the magnoflux energy volume in watt-sec [joules] or Resistivity/cubic-metre/cycle-turn. If the inductive/capacitance currents are unbalanced a Cos power reduction will result in real energy transfer
C is speed of light constant of space 2.99 x 10^8 which reciprocates to the time constant in seconds. The electro-magnetic force in space is called Dark Energy by physicists and is responsible for forcing the stars and universe apart.

NOTE1 Un-magnetized volumes of space cannot support matter or light, nor even exist as they have no time to exist in.
NOTE2 Almost all of the inner universe volume is magnetized; indicated by its Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation. which extends only to the edge of the universe with a gradually, but limited increase in red-shift.
NOTE3 All galaxies and star systems must be in electrical balance or a DC voltage will arise to stabilize their systems.
NOTE4  The magnoflux light + pulse helix forward clockwise but is magnetically balanced by a -pulse helixing forward but in an anticlockwise twist. Thus it takes two revolutions to complete a cycle and light appears not to be deflected by external electrostatic or magnetic fields

The matrix of distance and force dimensions are as follows:-        

Space to move in dimension Xmetres, Y(j)metres, Z(j^2)metres =Volume in Cubes/second
Reason to move force dimension Ix*jIy Flux-Amps/sq.metre* (j^2)Vz Volts/metre  =
= Magnoflux Power/cubic metre in Joules/second

If we then maintain a 3 dimensional force for a set period of time in seconds we have then created Energy in Joules per cubic metre, at a precise position X,Y,Z in space. The magnoflux electro-magnetic energy is normally stated in Joules per turn or cycle within the MKS system of constants. If the X and Y amp field is not perpendicular the energy is reduced by Sin of the angle between.

Faraday originally defined an electromagnetic force EMF as the rate of change of cutting flux but apart from corkscrew rule; did not curl the voltage V which encapsulated massless energy in a magnoflux tunnel.

The magnoflux fabric of space may contain a unit volume of Watt-less Inductive or Capacitive power as well as Resistivity AC pulsating energy [light] depending on the complex X andY amperage and Z voltage parameters which must be at right angles or a Sin thi [ Ø] reduction will apply to the unit of magnoflux energy [photon] moving in the Z direction.

See youtube presentation attached for a general view of magnoflux energy.

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The deeper we delve into the smallest atom, the more we discover that all energy movements are associated with electrical charges immersed within a negative magnetic-flux (electron) enclosure.

The universe cannot exist or move without time, space to move in and an electrical reason for moving the plasma energy. Following the Almighty FLASH of creation the temperatures were so extreme that no matter could condensed out of the primordial plasma. There was no magnetised outside space or magnetic-flux tunnels in the outer universe for the light to escape into; just a blast of pure plasma energy. As this energy gradually expanded internally, charge-matter began to condense out and was then repelled outwards allowing the formation of magnetic and electric fields set up at right angles to each other. AC light and E/M magnoflux energy could move through this magnetised fabric of space at the speed of light if there was an electrical reason to do so or to balance charges. This reason for movement is identified as a difference in electro-static potential (voltage)or electro-magnetic variations between stellar objects.

To support plasma energy it is necessary to have the complex current [amps] field at right angles to an electrostatic field [voltage], which links together to producing a volume of magnoflux EM light/power in the third right angle moving at the speed of light. This is all massless energy stuff but what about matter?

It is a well known that the charge stuff inside molecules rotates in an electro-magnetic field; from this we can ascertain that the inside of molecules contain a volume of positive charge [protons] separated from an equal amount of negative charge [electrons] which are electrically touching a volume of the neutron stuff or matter. Thus the protons must be held away not only from the negative electron enclosure but also from the negative neutrons of the molecule. The neutrons and protons cannot be allowed to touch although they are both deeply imbedded within the magnetic enclosure.

Avogadros hypothesis states that equal molecular weight volumes of any gas occupies 22.4 litres at STP. The protons and neutrons are arranged inside this set volume molecular electron enclosure in sharply defined separate places. One gram molecular weight of an ideal gas will completely fill a volume of 22.4 litres at Standard, Temperature & Pressure. There are no spaces of vacuum between. If there were spaces between the molecules then the gas would expand to completely fill the volume V and the pressure P would drop in accordance with the gas laws PV=RT assuming that the temperature T is constant. We live and breath in a 100% gas filled environment. There are no gaps between the air molecules any more than there are gaps between water molecules in the sea.

The following calculation of the volume is derived as follows:-
The Science Data Handbook by Oliver & Boyd table 14 Property of Gases at STP on p63 states Hydrogen molecule Hv2 density is 0.09 kG per cubic metre. From back page 30 Fundamental units we know that a proton weight 1.6272 x 10^-27 kg plus electron weight of 0.00091 kg times 2 gives a molecular mass of 3.2547 x 10^-27 kg/cubic metre.

Thus number of molecules of hydrogen (or any gas) at STP is 0.09/3.2547 x 10^27= 2.76523 x 10^25 mols/cu.m. By reciprocal the volume is calculated. Volume of electron shell for a gas molecule is 0.367633 x10^-25 cu. metres at STP. But according to quantum physics the separation between the atomic radius negative charge electron from the central proton is (say for helium) 176 x 10^-12 This would indicate a volume of 4/3 pi r^3 or 22.83 x 10^-30 which is an apparent error of over 10,000 times.

One of the postulates of the kinetic theory states that “The total volume of the individual gas molecules added up is negligible compared to the volume of the container. This is equivalent to stating that the average distance separating the gas particles is relatively large compared to their size.” .

There is no explanation offered for this huge error. Heavier gases do not fill a larger volume but are more dense thus sink to the bottom. ( Do not enter into pits in caves or the heavier CO2 gas may suffocate you). Beyond this all the gases in our atmosphere must all fit (mix) together without any gaps…….. This means that the outside electron shell of the molecules must touch together without any space between.

Well, the shape of the gas molecule cannot be spherical or when the molecules all pressed together there will be spaces between them which leave unacceptable vacuum gaps. As the electrical design required three dimensions and physically all the molecules must not only touch each other but fully mesh together a possible or probable shape is an eight sided double pyramid. This will allow the gas molecules to settle together without any spaces left between.This means that the neutron negative charge is correctly positioned by the kinetic theory within the central nucleus away from the proton. It is just the electron pyramid shaped magnetic field volume enclosure [or outer shell] that is so vast and thus allows an E/M micro magnoflux tunnel or light ray to be transmitted with minimal risk of interference.

So what would the most simple electrical molecule look like. It would need to contain one positive charge and one balancing negative charge held apart by an insulating arm ( to prevent the charges touching and cancelling out) submerged in a magnetic field set at right angles along the arm. See figure A. From this diagram it should be noted that the neutron material is in full electrical contact with the enclosure outer electron shell. It thus will be at the full negative charge.


Ordinary domestic AC electricity that comes into our homes comprises of low frequency energy moving at the speed of light. Until now it had been assumed that the current flow was caused by electron movements. However, as DC electrons have weight they cannot move at the speed of light; so maybe electricity has photons.

To summarize; DC electrical voltage can induce charges making ions and electrons move slowly through gaseous, liquid or crystal structures as DC amps.
Neutrons are not neutral but connected to the outside negative electron magnetic enclosure thus appearing to be neutral when in fact they are at the full negative earth/ground potential. We can feel touch and feel neutrons without receiving an electric shock. Negatively charged neutrons are identified by us as 3 dimensional matter.

Throughout the universe there is common time. For if there was no relative time then nothing has space to move in, a reason for moving or time to even exist. At the creation, there was an Almighty flash of electromagnetic (EM) energy. However, to prevent infinite dispersion, the alternating frequency energy was restricted from escaping into outer space at the speed of light because the outside space was not magnetised, thus allowing the concentrated plasma to condense internally and develop the universe permitting our planet (the Earth) to revolve around a star (the Sun), that God made part of it.

The fundamental electric law of the creation requires that the amount of positive charge must exactly equal the amount of negative charge in the universe. This law of electrical balance applies to all electrical systems throughout the universe from galaxies to sun/planets systems right down to our domestic power supply system. All systems must be electrically balanced at all times OR energy must flow at the speed of light, as set by the inverse square root of the permeability and permittivity of the magnetised space to correct the unbalance. A DC voltage is indicative of the unbalanced electro-magnetisation of the fabric of the space between the various spinning stellar objects.

Macro concept of an Electric Universe

An Electric Universe considers that all matter stuff is made of electric plasma or charge and that nothing can be neutral only electrically balanced. All stars by convention will be assumed to have a positive charge; as we know that on planets the outside layer of all material, liquid and gases is comprised of negative electron shells. Stars will repel each other thus causing a slow expansion on the outer side of the universe only. The inner bordering systems may prefer to expand quickly but this is not possible as only the original outer systems have room outside them to expand into. To maintain its independence each galaxy must therefore arrange its stars into a pattern that avoids collision or close encounters of its stars and planets without expanding its volume.

Planet and Asteroid Matter

We know from our records on planet Earth that all matter is constructed from atoms that only have a protons/ neutrons nucleus surrounded by their attendant negative electrons. The electron enclosure material can be touched by humans without getting a shock. In fact the outsides of molecules of the solids and liquids are all touching together at the full negative ground or earth potential. We live in a totally negatively charged environment because even the gas molecules in the air and in our lungs also touch the ground/earth and these molecules are all contained in touchable negative enclosures. Planet matter is made of electrically charged stuff the negative outside of which we can feel for texture and density. We cannot touch the protons as they are enclosed and would electrocute us by annihilation, only the negative charge neutrons that are attach to the electron enclosure is accessible to us. There is nothing in a molecule of durable material except electric charge. Matter is made up 100% of electric charge. There is nothing else.


Stars are the exact opposite to planets, moons and asteroids as they appear to want to give away energy so we can assume that they are electrically positive, have externally positive environments with similar identifiable nuclei to planets but are surrounded by positron enclosures instead of electrons. The border between the positive and negative environments is found on the stars (or the Suns) surface. This is evidenced by the fact that stars emit an absorption spectrum rather that the expected emmission spectrum. The neutrons of real matter must also balance the neutrons of anti-matter neutrons inside stars. Stars are envisaged as being huge positives as their molecules are enclosed  in positron shells and thus made of anti-matter.   All stars repel each other with a dark energy force 23 times stronger than gravity but are attracted to the negative matter in the rest of the outside universe.

Space outside stars surfaces

All the rest of galactic space outside of the stars positive environment, are negative environments that contain particles of dust, ice, rocks or planetary materials which have negatively charged exterior shells which we humans can touch without being burnt electrically. The empty space between these stellar bodies contains the E/M magnoflux fabric of space tunnels which transmit AC energy [light], within which a plasma flows; comprised of large quantities of H+ ions commonly referred to as the solar wind. Most of the inner universe is magnetized as indicated by the presence of the Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation.

Consider a complete system (Solar System)

The probability of the sun and planets having the same surface voltage is remote in a dynamic system, thus consideration must be given to what physical effects a direct current (DC) voltage difference between them will have. To support light in space, it must be assumed that the in between volume of space is magnetised and contains an electric field where the permittivity and permeability constants of free space apply. This magnetised space fabric will allow the (DC) ionised gas; if surrounded by a magnetic field at right angles to move.
All the major planets in the solar system revolve the same way around the sun, and at approximately the same level. The reason for this is that it is not desirable to cross magnetic flux lines, because this will create a voltage and energy disturbance on the Sun’s or stars surface. To obtain an overall minimum energy condition the sun must organise its planets into a flat trajectory. If a planet spins backwards this is because the tilt of the true to magnetic north pole is in the opposite direction. If the flux paths from various planets do sometimes cross then the excess energy will cause sun spots and radio interference; depending on the severity of the interactions of the returning magnetic fields from the planets. If massive Jupiter and Saturn are on the far side of the sun from us on planet Earth then the suns magnetic field will appear to flip from south-north to north-south particularly for the middle 10 years that Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter on the far side.. The positions of these planets also creates the 11 year cycle encountered by radio hams; as the ionosphere is magnetically relaxed causing good radio transmission conditions.

The positively enclosed matter on stars roughly equals the negatively enclosed materials in its surrounding space volume comprising of dust, asteroids, comets, moons and of course their planets.

Figure 1

The Solar Wind

The most obvious evidence of electricity in space is the solar wind. This material comprises mostly of positive hydrogen ions with occasionally a He atom attached by gravitation following violent action on the stars surface or other debris picked up along the way. From the positive ion’s point of view, once it has been ejected it is being repelled by its star or the Sun’s positive surface. The ion becomes aware that there are several negatively charged planets in the far distance attracting it outwards. This attractive electrostatic force accelerates the ion across space to, say, planet Earth. We now know that the solar wind takes 11 days to reach Earth. From this time we can calculate the average speed of the wind to about 155km/sec resulting with a final velocity of around 310,000 metres per second.

From this, using e/m constant for a proton H+ ion and formula: ½ mv2 = e.V (1/2x1/9.59x10^-7x310^2x10^6)
we obtain the voltage per metre of about 500 volts. As the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 150 million kilometres, then the DC voltage will be around 75 million, million Volts.

In classic physics it is assumed that mass attraction [gravity] and tensors are the attractive forces between stars and planets. But we can obtain the same basic balance by considering it as mass attraction plus electrical attraction, because both forces are reducing in proportion to the square of the distance between sender and receiver. This is mathematically sound, and physically true because the e/m ratio of matter is a constant. So overall mass attraction calculations need only a small correction to include the electric force set up by the unbalance in the positioning of the charges.

However, this change in concept to include DC electrostatics, will undoubtedly lead to an open universe, which is restricted in size only by the lack of the magnetised fields or magnetic-flux tunnels in the outer universe space which are necessary to support EM light AC energy. This restriction will effectively redefine the solar constants, as the only reason for EM light or DC ions to move across space is electrical balance.

To balance the hydrogen ion’s positive materials arrival at a planetary environment, an equivalent amount of anti-positive energy must be released from the sending star. We recognise this AC transmission as EM light.

The positive star/Sun generates DC ions which are attracted to the planet electro-statically whose return magnetic field loop current curling at right angles notionally around the inside positive ions to form the magnetic-flux tunnel between the star and the planet as per Maxwell’s law. The planet then moves in the third right angle dimension around the Sun as per Fleming’s electro-magnetic three dimensional rule shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

The amount of Energy to be delivered is directly proportional to the electrical attractiveness of planet to the star/Sun. The DC electrostatic voltage between reflects the mass to mass ratio through the fixed e/m unbalance ratio. The Earths total energy received per second is the solar constant 1.4kW/m 2 multiplied by the cross sectional area of the planet or 213 million million MW approximately.

Stars will repel each other DC electrically as well as magnetically, this will cause a bowshock block or barrier in their magnetic-flux tunnel. Stars also repel any positively charged ions from another stars solar wind, making their solar wind warp around the intervening stars. The induced return magnetic current loop field twist around the incoming plasma current to form an electro-magnetic magnoflux tunnel around the solar wind line as it moves towards an attractive planet . Thus the space between stars and planets will be crisscrossed with mostly straight line DC magnetic-flux tunnels connecting individually each of the stars to each of the planets throughout the whole visible universe.

Figure 3

The restriction on AC plasma energy to move only within the electromagnetic magnoflux fabric of space, was necessary at Gods creation to confine the Almighty plasma flash of AC light energy and stop it moving away at the speed of light which would have lead to an infinite dispersion. This restriction still applies today, for if 99.99% of the stars/Sun energy is just blasted off into space which is 99.99% empty, then 99.99% of the energy will arrive at the edge of the universe with nowhere to go except outwards leading to a catastrophic dilution. As the edge of the universe is defined by a known amount of red-shift and the edge is not shining brilliantly, we can deduce that the random T^4 energy law only applies to a tiny number of Wolf Rayet type stars. Stars in the main sequence are not emitted in all directions, as believed by Stefan but only through the magnetic-flux tunnels in space. Thus the Sun beams most of its output directly to the planets and the intervening space is mostly dark. Stars appear as lighthouses, beaming light directly to all the planets but mostly their own planets, moons, comets & asteroids.
There has to be a boundary in space [heliopause] between the stars, where the incoming energy exactly balances the outgoing energy. See soft balloon diagram below. Each star system is self contained with a star at the centre of its volume. According to the latest Lambda-CDM model 70% of the universe is missing, but agrees that quote “it says nothing about the fundamental physical origin of dark matter or dark energy” so is unable to explain the universe correctly. The electro static repulsion has been ignored in the classical model; so it won’t balance.

Figure 4


Historically, in Newtons day when the dimensions of Length, Mass and Time were adopted, the scientists believed that matter could not be created or destroyed, but now this has changed to accommodate electricity, light and nuclear energy. Any attempt to try and explain the universe using existing dimensions must be inadequate, as only energy must be conserved and not mass. Plasma energy was the only item present at Gods creation when the flash temperatures were too high for matter to form but the plasma must be balanced electrically i.e. the positive charged matter must be balanced by negatively charged matter or some AC magnetic-flux energy must flow AND at the speed of light.

However, after cooling H+ ions cannot move at the speed of light, so what happens is that the DC current in the solar wind +ions becomes twisted around by the returning AC magnetic field electrons which sets up a magnetic-flux aligned to the solar wind flow, which notionally curls around forming a tunnel. This tunnel is linked together magnetically thus permitting energy by re-aligning the magnetic field at right angles to move at the speed of light through the magnoflux tunnel. The Light energy is not restricted to the speed of the DC ions that formed the tunnel.

The DC tunnel thus formed can then be used for the transmission of alternating current (AC) frequency electromagnetic (EM) waves or light to balance the overall sun-planet charge difference that would otherwise develop. The diagram below shows nominally the return aligned electrons (Birkeland currents) although in reality these are AC magnetic in nature and return at the speed of light at right angles to the solar wind.


Figure 5
Stars and our Sun
are positively charged emitters that generate plasma mostly by the nuclear disintegration of helium. The protons (hydrogen +ions) are transmitted to a planet or other negative targets via the solar wind. The DC solar wind sets up a magnetic-flux tunnel at right angles to its path of travel. Multi-frequency AC plasma neutron light can then use this magnetic-flux tunnel to travel across space and balance the mass/charge ratio at the planet. Warping space around stars to bend light is thus explained by the DC ions that form the magnetic-flux tunnel being repelled by the star and will weave around the intervening star before returning to the shortest path to its target planet.

Planets and our Earth

are negatively charged attracters of the H+ ions and the balancing light energy, which may combine or be converted by nuclear fusion into matter. On arrival at the planet the DC hydrogen ions in the solar wind will be swept into the cusp or around to the back of the planet by the planet’s magnetic field possibly for water and nucleonic acid formation later. . At the bow shock the planets balancing electrons form a continuous magnetic field Birkeland current return to the star notionally helixing around the H+ ions and incoming plasma

Figure 6

The Sun Earth connection

is thus maintained in balance, as the full 2H+ ion [mc2 ] energy is neutralized by the full 2 neutron [mc2 ] energy in the form of light, as it is being transmitted from Sun to Earth. As we know that the energy received is about 213 million million MW per second we can calculate that the mass of H+ ions received to balance will be 2.13x10 20 /c 2 = 2.13x104 /3x3 or 2,370 kg per second.

Black holes on a small scale might just be nearby free wheeling planets that have been released from their star when the electrical attraction force fields collapsed after their star exploded/collapsed. Newtons first law will then take over and the planet will continue in a straight line at its original velocity. However, the planet will of course be attracted towards any and all stars thus zig-zagging its way across space. If it targets one only star then it could be tragic. As galaxies of positive stars rotate around a centre, that centre must contain an induced large scale super negative / black hole.

When God breathed out the Almighty Flash of Plasma Electricity, He created energy, time, space, and movement but He restricted expansion to the volume that was DC magnetised or contained within magnetic-flux magnoflux tunnels
The electric magnoflux universe was originally instigated to postulate the effects of electrical fields across space. The electrical concept however was then extended to cover the sub-molecular universe, space, and light.
Because, the deeper we delve into the smallest atom, the more we discovered that all energy movements are associated with electrical charges immersed within a negative magnetic-flux (electron) pyramid shaped enclosure.
Further, the Divine magnetized fabric of space may contain a unit volume of Watt-less Inductive or Capacitive power as well as Resistivity AC pulsating energy [light] depending on the XY amperage and Z voltage parameters which must be at right angles OR a Sin thi [ Ø] reduction will apply to the unit of magnoflux energy [photon] moving in the Z direction.

So, not only is matter made up of vibrating magnoflux energy stuff indicative of temperature but also Creational light. A photon of light is envisaged as a unit pyramid shaped volume of magnoflux [stuff] energy which pinches together with other photons which tumble forward in pairs sinusoidally at the speed of light.

By adopting the electrical concept that stars have positively charged environments and the rest of space and planets are negative environments, the following advantages over the single gravitational force fits all; mass attraction theory of modern physics were evident.

1. The new concept explains why the WMAP universe is not collapsing inwards due to all the matter being attracted together. (The stars like positive charges repel each other at about a -23G force but equally attract planetary matter and asteroids etc with a +23G force). We do not have to look for 95% dark energy any more either because a repelling force of -23.2G is created by the magnetic hub at the centre of each galaxy ( super massive black hole).

2. It explains why the solar system and galaxies rotate around a central point within the same plane. Also it predicts that the Suns magnetic poles can move even flip. (To avoid crossing magnetic-flux lines)

3. It explains how and why the solar wind works ( DC Hydrogen +ions in solar wind are emitted from a positive star surface to a negatively attractive target like a planet and a DC magnetic-flux tunnel connection is created by the planets return electrons/magnoflux twisting and curling at right angles around the incoming H+ ion current). Note that the magnoflux tunnel flux density B is formed by the return electrons and is independent of the flow of charge outwards from the star

4. It explains how the positive and negative charges on the star are re-balanced after nuclear fission of helium  by allowing the AC negative neutron mc^2 energy to pulsate through the magnetic-flux tunnels as light thus balancing both the stars and the planets overall charge. (Plus stabilising the star-planet connection with a magnetic feedback.)

5. It explains why suns and stars loose weight over time and conversely why the planets increase in size and weight (Geological evidence indicates the planet earth has increased in girth forcing the continents apart.)

6. It explains small black holes, which are only free wheeling planets that have lost their centrifugal attraction force when their star collapsed. (Induced magnetic hubs called black holes will be found at the centre of all galaxies surrounded by their bonded rotating stars)