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The deeper we delve into the smallest atom, the more we discover that all energy movements are associated with electrical charges immersed within a negative magnetic-flux (electron) enclosure.

The universe cannot exist or move without time, space to move in and an electrical reason for moving the plasma energy. Following the Almighty FLASH of creation the temperatures were so extreme that no matter could condensed out of the primordial plasma. There was no magnetised outside space or magnetic-flux tunnels in the outer universe for the light to escape into; just a blast of pure plasma energy. As this energy gradually expanded internally, charge-matter began to condense out and was then repelled outwards allowing the formation of magnetic and electric fields set up at right angles to each other. AC light and E/M magnoflux energy could move through this magnetised fabric of space at the speed of light if there was an electrical reason to do so or to balance charges. This reason for movement is identified as a difference in electro-static potential (voltage)or electro-magnetic variations between stellar objects.

To support plasma energy it is necessary to have the complex current [amps] field at right angles to an electrostatic field [voltage], which links together to producing a volume of magnoflux EM light/power in the third right angle moving at the speed of light. This is all massless energy stuff but what about matter?

It is a well known that the charge stuff inside molecules rotates in an electro-magnetic field; from this we can ascertain that the inside of molecules contain a volume of positive charge [protons] separated from an equal amount of negative charge [electrons] which are electrically touching a volume of the neutron stuff or matter. Thus the protons must be held away not only from the negative electron enclosure but also from the negative neutrons of the molecule. The neutrons and protons cannot be allowed to touch although they are both deeply imbedded within the magnetic enclosure.

Avogadros hypothesis states that equal molecular weight volumes of any gas occupies 22.4 litres at STP. The protons and neutrons are arranged inside this set volume molecular electron enclosure in sharply defined separate places. One gram molecular weight of an ideal gas will completely fill a volume of 22.4 litres at Standard, Temperature & Pressure. There are no spaces of vacuum between. If there were spaces between the molecules then the gas would expand to completely fill the volume V and the pressure P would drop in accordance with the gas laws PV=RT assuming that the temperature T is constant. We live and breath in a 100% gas filled environment. There are no gaps between the air molecules any more than there are gaps between water molecules in the sea.

The following calculation of the volume is derived as follows:-
The Science Data Handbook by Oliver & Boyd table 14 Property of Gases at STP on p63 states Hydrogen molecule Hv2 density is 0.09 kG per cubic metre. From back page 30 Fundamental units we know that a proton weight 1.6272 x 10^-27 kg plus electron weight of 0.00091 kg times 2 gives a molecular mass of 3.2547 x 10^-27 kg/cubic metre.

Thus number of molecules of hydrogen (or any gas) at STP is 0.09/3.2547 x 10^27= 2.76523 x 10^25 mols/cu.m. By reciprocal the volume is calculated. Volume of electron shell for a gas molecule is 0.367633 x10^-25 cu. metres at STP. But according to quantum physics the separation between the atomic radius negative charge electron from the central proton is (say for helium) 176 x 10^-12 This would indicate a volume of 4/3 pi r^3 or 22.83 x 10^-30 which is an apparent error of over 10,000 times.

One of the postulates of the kinetic theory states that “The total volume of the individual gas molecules added up is negligible compared to the volume of the container. This is equivalent to stating that the average distance separating the gas particles is relatively large compared to their size.” .

There is no explanation offered for this huge error. Heavier gases do not fill a larger volume but are more dense thus sink to the bottom. ( Do not enter into pits in caves or the heavier CO2 gas may suffocate you). Beyond this all the gases in our atmosphere must all fit (mix) together without any gaps…….. This means that the outside electron shell of the molecules must touch together without any space between.

Well, the shape of the gas molecule cannot be spherical or when the molecules all pressed together there will be spaces between them which leave unacceptable vacuum gaps. As the electrical design required three dimensions and physically all the molecules must not only touch each other but fully mesh together a possible or probable shape is an eight sided double pyramid. This will allow the gas molecules to settle together without any spaces left between.This means that the neutron negative charge is correctly positioned by the kinetic theory within the central nucleus away from the proton. It is just the electron pyramid shaped magnetic field volume enclosure [or outer shell] that is so vast and thus allows an E/M micro magnoflux tunnel or light ray to be transmitted with minimal risk of interference.

So what would the most simple electrical molecule look like. It would need to contain one positive charge and one balancing negative charge held apart by an insulating arm ( to prevent the charges touching and cancelling out) submerged in a magnetic field set at right angles along the arm. See figure A. From this diagram it should be noted that the neutron material is in full electrical contact with the enclosure outer electron shell. It thus will be at the full negative charge.


Ordinary domestic AC electricity that comes into our homes comprises of low frequency energy moving at the speed of light. Until now it had been assumed that the current flow was caused by electron movements. However, as DC electrons have weight they cannot move at the speed of light; so maybe electricity has photons.

To summarize; DC electrical voltage can induce charges making ions and electrons move slowly through gaseous, liquid or crystal structures as DC amps.
Neutrons are not neutral but connected to the outside negative electron magnetic enclosure thus appearing to be neutral when in fact they are at the full negative earth/ground potential. We can feel touch and feel neutrons without receiving an electric shock. Negatively charged neutrons are identified by us as 3 dimensional matter.

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