Thursday, December 04, 2008

Science has long acknowledged that light is electromagnetic in nature but still insists in using non electrical formulae to describe light energy. However, physicists attempts at trying to explain the transmission of light energy as a matter vibration only; is inadequate.
There should logically only be one common electromagnetic energy which must be able to cover all frequencies of the spectrum. As this energy stuff is 3D in nature it should fill a set volume and therefore have a magnetic energy density. Further, as the energy can move at the speed of light it must be massless; a sort of holy grail energy stuff. Any attempt to describe light or electricity as a particle movement is totally misleading.
Conceptually, light energy should be considered as a magnetic energy pulse of alternating flux power per second and subject to the same dimensional restrictions as electric power plants. This means we can have watt-less or illusionary light and power. In the electrical supply industry engineers measure this virtual power in VAR’s. With light; albeit that the frequency is much higher this same quadrature illusion applies.
The equation for light energy of E=h*f is incomplete as it does not indicate a 3D electromagnetic energy unit volume of energy in joules per second per square metre and is missing the Sin or Cos "thi" reduction.
NOTE Faradays law of electromagnetic induction V=-N*jØ/second assumes       the volt/turn to flux is 180 degrees out of phase when in motors the voltage and flux are considered correctly at rightangles to each other. We need to get back to the 3D right hand rule concept.
The only place in the universe we know; where free energy is available is on the surface of stars. This is because the stars interiors appear to be made of anti-matter molecules which interpreted electrically means that they are enclosed in positron enclosures whereas the rest of the universe have molecules enclosed in negative electron shells. This explains why the sun emits an absorption spectrum instead of the expected emission spectrum.
However,the possibility of creating a positron environment in a Tokamac, or a hadrons collider is remote as the vacuum enclosure on a planet must be formed from negative electrons shell material; which will instantly annihilate the positron shells required to replicate the condition on a stars surface.
The only difference between electricity and light energy, concerns the relative permeability of the volume or material through which the low or high frequency electromagnetic energy density [electrical slang magnoflux] pulse is travelling. Both electricity and light contain a volume of basically identical electromagnetic photon flux energy vibration [ physics slang magnetic light stuff and for molecule ions charge stuff].